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The feeling of being watched

 I was in a vacant house for work this morning and couldn’t shake the feeling I was not alone in the house. This doesn’t happen often, I went around and checked all the rooms and closets, no one. It wasn’t a bad neighborhood, the feeling was just intense. I wanted to keep checking behind me, like someone was over my shoulder watching me work. It was uncomfortable. It intensified when I went to the basement, it was just a different vibe and I started to get the sense that an older man was there. I felt like he was pointing out that this was house and why was I there. I started to get a vision of an older man, black, just walking around with me to make sure I wasn’t disturbing anything. I had begun to think that because we can all communicate with spirit that ‘ghosts’ just can’t possibly stick around, this based on recent knowledge even excluding all the previous experiences Ive had with living in haunted homes. There was always activity, shadows, things moving, sounds etc. I chalked it

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