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Reflections and an experience

 It’s been awhile. Life got really hectic and to be honest, it hasn’t slowed that much. For a bit there I felt too busy to connect and I don’t think it would’ve been a good connection anyway if I had tried. I just had too much background noise to really focus and at I’m beginning to feel spirit come through again. It always seems like when the seasons change, things come into focus, I don’t know why that is but I noticed the trend. I lost my grandfather last October and though I expected it, I still wasn’t ready. The days preceding were strange, I felt like I was preparing myself for it, even though at the time he was in OK health. I remember a day that I felt this immense sense of urgency and dread, it was so strong that I remember calling my sister, my mom and my mom in law to check and see if they were ok. I couldn’t figure out what was going on but I felt like something bad was happening. I didn’t learn until later in the day that my grandfather had a catastrophic accident in his h

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